Github project statistics

Github project statistics, How to present a github project for your resume great demo from a random snake project on github github traffic statistics.

Our lil' hubot - a coffeescript repository on github. Github traffic analytics service gives developers insight into interest in their projects. Gitstats is a git repository statistics generator it browses the repository and outputs html page with statistics $ git_stats help generate usage: git. Is there an easy/efficient way to generate some high-level reports for a particular github project eg lines of code committed over time, top contributors, etc. Awesome statistics for any github repository github stats search trending repositories.

Online project hosting using git includes source-code browser, in-line editing, wikis, and ticketing free for public open-source code commercial closed. Github is a web-based git version control repository hosting and wikis for every project github offers both plans for private and free repositories on the same. How to get github clone stats how to see count of project downloads on github 55 is there a way to get download/clone statistics of a git repository 30. Statistics get contributors list with additions, deletions, and commit counts get the last year of commit activity data get the number of additions and deletions.

A small place to discover more about the usage of programming languages in github. Git stats is a command line tool, which let's a developer see the contribution percentages of project contributors, and see commit calendars.

  • Clone via https clone with git or checkout with svn using the repository's web address.
  • Gitstats - git history statistics generator about gitstats is a statistics generator for git (a distributed revision control system) repositories.
  • The yearly statistics of github provide some interesting insights: the open source project supported by most developers comes from microsoft in addition.

$cd p1-stats/ # navigate to your project directory $ make clean # clean up any binary files $ ls makefile p1_librarycpp statsh maincpp. This has been requested several times on github's issue tracker according to github's support staff (tekkub) in december 2009, downloads on github.

Github project statistics
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